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December 1, 2009

Courtesy of NY DAILY NEWS

Top news sources including ABC and NBC are stating that there is yet another never-before-seen vintage reel out there of Marilyn Monroe. The first “home movie” was supposedly of  Marilyn giving oral sex when she was a young starlet. The owner of the film, Keya Morgan, said that he had bought the film from someone who remained to be annonymous.  The story was later found to be a hoax.

Now, Mr. Morgan is claiming to have purchased yet another “home video” of Marilyn, this time showing her smoking marijuana casually with a bunch of people. Of course the original owner wants to remain annonymous.  Anyone else see a pattern here?  The owner of the film is claiming to be in her 60’s and that she “rolled the doobie” herself and has kept the film in her attic all these years.

The difference this time around is that the film is real. Click here to view a clip (after the clip of Bill Clinton).

From what I’ve read of Keya Morgan, he is a man making a film about Marilyn that no one seems to care about investing in.  I’ve also read that he is very “fame-hungry” – which proves the motive behind the disgusting oral sex film hoax. The new film in question will be up for auction on ebay by Mr. Morgan.  Sounds money-hungry to me.



March 16, 2009

I just read this article written about some character choices for the movie Twilight.  The column discusses weight and (naturally) makes a reference to Marilyn Monroe, stating she was a size 14, not a size 2.

The funny thing about the writers comment saying that Marilyn was a size 14 and not a size 2 is that Marilyn was actually around a size 12 in vintage clothing sizes and they are equal to about a size 4 in present sizes.  Size 12’s in the 50’s had 25 inch waists. Dress sizing changed over the years, so if Marilyn were alive today she would be wearing dresses in sizes 4-6, and could possibly slip into a size 2.

The point of the matter is to stop judging everyone on their size, whether you feel they are big or small. Being HEALTHY is what is important!


February 10, 2009
Marilyn was right-handed

Marilyn was right-handed

This was the second column I’ve read recently that states that Marilyn was left-handed. I just wanted to clear the rumour by posting that Marilyn was infact right-handed. There are many images of Marilyn signing autographs and applying make-up with her right hand.


February 10, 2009
Image from movmnt magazine

Image from movmnt magazine

The image above looks like JFK and Marilyn Monroe snuggling together in the early 60’s but, it is the work of look-a-likes and photographer Alison Jackson.

Hmm, how long do you think it will take for this image to circulate on the internet and believed to be real?