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November 12, 2009

My former website,, expired in September. Unfortunately, someone bought the domain name before I could re-new the website. So please, do not visit anymore as it is no longer a Marilyn website.

Please visit instead as I’ll be moving everything there soon!



September 6, 2009
Looking for this image and more from New york.

Looking for this image and more from New York.

I am currently searching for high-quality images of Marilyn Monroe in a New York subway train and waiting at the Grand Central subway platform. If you have any or know where to find these images, please e-mail me at:

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


September 6, 2009
Marilyn Monroe by Andre de Dienes

My prize: Authentic print of Marilyn Monroe in 1949 by Andre de Dienes

Back in June, I joined, which is an online Marilyn Monroe community similar to Facebook. Together with One West Publishing and Marilyn Remembered Fan Club, ThisIsMarilyn held a contest giving away $100,000 worth of vintage Marilyn Monroe prints!ย  All you had to do was become an active member and upload photos, videos, write blogs and interact with other fans. The more active you were, the more points you would receive. The contest lasted from June 1st (the launch of the website and Marilyn’s birthday) and ended on August 4th (Marilyn’s death anniversary).

I came in 13th place and received a 16×20 inch silver gelatin print of Marilyn Monroe photographed by Andre de Dienes in 1949! It’s a gorgeous print and I can’t wait to have it framed for my new home. I would like to thank Alex Brunning of ThisIsMarilyn, Mr. Chuck Murphy of One West Publishing and Mrs. de Dienes for such an amazing prize!


August 31, 2009

I’d like to apologize for not updating my wordpress or in a little while. Life has been very busy for me, especially this summer. I had a great trip to New York and spontaneously moved two weeks after I returned!

I will try my best at keeping you all up-to-date with everything Marilyn and will also try to finally revamp and get up and running!

Hope you all enjoyed your summer ๐Ÿ™‚


June 6, 2009

Check out the brand new website!! It’s just like Facebook but for Marilyn fans!! It’s the most unique website you will ever visit & be a part of. In celebration of they will be giving away $100,000 in prizes! Including original photos of Marilyn by Andre De Dienes & George Barris! Click the graphic below to join me on! See ya there!


April 6, 2009

I finally received my Blonde Ambition Barbie as Marilyn Monroe doll last week! I pre-ordered it in August as her release date was in March 2009. Although I’m not too happy that Mattel used the Model Muse body, I have to say that the doll is much better than the prototype. A beautiful doll for anyones Marilyn collection!

Click here to order yours!ย Tell them sent you ๐Ÿ™‚


April 6, 2009

Last summer I came across the song Marilyn Monroe by Laze & Royal featuring Taylor Sherritt. It’s a modern song on Marilyn Monroe and I love it!

You can check out the artists at their website or

Below is a video I put together a few days ago with the song.


March 25, 2009

I was at H&M yesterday and ran into Marilyn Monroe. Twice.

I found a pink t-shirt with Marilyn’s face on it and grabbed it right away. I was iffy on puchasing it because the only reason I was buying it was cuz of Marilyn, otherwise I wouldn’t wear the shirt. It just looked like a typical Marilyn shirt you’d find at one of those collectible stores. Then I saw a long black tank top with a low back with the same Marilyn photo on the front. Now THIS I could work with! The only thing that annoyed me was that the picture was “mirrored”/backwards (her mole is on the wrong side).

I grabbed myself a black tank and put the pink shirt back where I had found it. Both were only $19.99, but I’d only wear the tank top. A girl 5’3” and under could actually use it as a dress. Check it out below!

MM tank from H&M. Wear a white tank underneath, throw some long, layered necklaces, stack on a bunch of different bracelets, some dark skinny jeans and hot heels!

MM tank from H&M. Wear it with a 'wifebeater' tank underneath (white is fine, but colored is better), throw on some long, layered necklaces, stack on a bunch of different bracelets, pair with dark skinny jeans and hot heels!


March 16, 2009
Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

I was shopping at a local mall over the weekend and found a similar dress to Marilyn’s coral-colored dress in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It doesn’t have the beading across the top and down the middle but otherwise it is very similar, however it does stop at the knee.

For those who are interested, the store that sells the dress is called Le Chateau.


March 2, 2009

Breygent put out Marilyn Monroe trading cards with a 1/48 packs chance of finding a Marilyn Monroe Costume Card. There are 5 different costume cards to collect: piece of Marilyn’s owned hankie, piece of frabric from Marilyn’s worn gloves, piece of hat worn by Marilyn, piece ofย  Marilyn’s polka dot hankie and a piece of scarf worn by Marilyn.

I recently bid and won the “Authentic Scarf Material Worn by Marilyn Monroe” Costume Card off ebay. I’m not really looking to buy the entire card set but I found it at a low price and thought, “Why not..” It’s a cute piece of memorabilia to own.