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Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

December 4, 2009

Michelle Williams could end up playing Marilyn Monroe. Production Weekly has confirmed that she’s in talks to star as the iconic blonde, bombshell in the Simon Curtis film My Week with Marilyn, which starts shooting in June.

At first glance, Williams doesn’t exactly look the part. That’s particularly important with someone like Marilyn, who’s appearance is so iconic and whom playing will usually mean spending time in a wide variety of revealing outfits. But Williams’ is a great actress, one with an ability to completely transform herself.

I never thought Gretchen Mol would be able to pull of Bettie Page, she looks nothing like the famed pin-up, but if you’ve seen The Notorious Bettie Page you know that she pulls off not only her personality but the heavily photographed centerfold’s physical appearance as well. Williams seems capable of pulling off a similar makeover for Marilyn.

At one point Scarlett Johansson was rumored to be up for the part. While she might be a closer match for Marilyn physically, Williams is the better actress. Have you seen Wendy and Lucy? Get to Netflixing.

The movie is based on the diary of someone named Colin Clark, an employee of Laurence Olivier who was put in charge of keeping an eye on Marilyn while in London during 1957.




December 1, 2009

There will be new perfume available for purchase called Antiquity by My DNA Fragrance. The company is claiming to have made perfumes off of the hair DNA of famous dead celebrities including Michael Jackson, Joan Crawford and Marilyn Monroe.

You can also have your own perfume made by using your own hair follicles. Creepy? I think so.


December 1, 2009

Courtesy of NY DAILY NEWS

Top news sources including ABC and NBC are stating that there is yet another never-before-seen vintage reel out there of Marilyn Monroe. The first “home movie” was supposedly of  Marilyn giving oral sex when she was a young starlet. The owner of the film, Keya Morgan, said that he had bought the film from someone who remained to be annonymous.  The story was later found to be a hoax.

Now, Mr. Morgan is claiming to have purchased yet another “home video” of Marilyn, this time showing her smoking marijuana casually with a bunch of people. Of course the original owner wants to remain annonymous.  Anyone else see a pattern here?  The owner of the film is claiming to be in her 60’s and that she “rolled the doobie” herself and has kept the film in her attic all these years.

The difference this time around is that the film is real. Click here to view a clip (after the clip of Bill Clinton).

From what I’ve read of Keya Morgan, he is a man making a film about Marilyn that no one seems to care about investing in.  I’ve also read that he is very “fame-hungry” – which proves the motive behind the disgusting oral sex film hoax. The new film in question will be up for auction on ebay by Mr. Morgan.  Sounds money-hungry to me.