Photographing Marilyn Monroe was a dream come true for Bert Stern. It was the kind of eight-page Vogue layout a young fashion photographer waits a lifetime for and rarely gets.

Stern’s three-day shoot in 1962 at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, yielded nearly 2,600 photos. He captured telling pictures of the actress.

Stern had no way of knowing this would be Monroe’s last magazine sitting.

“She didn’t seem depressed or anxious about anything: she sipped her Dom Perignon and was delighted to be doing what she enjoyed,” Stern said.

“She said she never felt better, and she looked utterly fantastic, like something shining and ethereal,” said hairstylist for the Stern shoot George Masters. “This was a lady who talked a lot that week about the future. She had no time for brooding over the past, even the recent past.”

On Dec. 16, Christie’s, New York, featured 36 photos from Bert Stern’s “The Last Sitting” of Marilyn Monroe. The photos were from an exhibition presented at the seventh ‘Mois de la Photo a Paris’, 1992.

Each gelatin silver print was signed, dated and numbered. The photos were varying sizes ranging from 39 inches by 59 ½ inches to 18 ½ inches by 18 5/8 inches.

The collection sold for $146,500.

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