Miss England 2008, Laura Coleman

Miss England 2008, Laura Coleman

Miss England 2008 Laura Coleman faced the cameras posing as Marilyn Monroe in a campaign launch to encourage curvy women.

The beauty titleholder, a 10-12 size (UK), revealed she deliberately sought out to promote curves on women, especially since more and more of them were getting obsessed with tiny waists.

“There is so much pressure on young girls to be thin these days that it’’s no wonder so many have eating disorders”, the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

“I was told to lose weight from my hips by a model agency when I was younger but I decided I was happy being the size I was and declined.

“I went to university and got a degree and then won Miss England and I’m happy with the size I am now. I’ve gone up a dress size since winning Miss England.

“I think women should have curves, it’’s natural. I posed as Monroe to emphasise that some of the most famous glamorous women in history had curves,” she added.

The Miss England pageant lends its support to the charity http://www.b-eat.co.uk, which aids those suffering from of eating disorders, and is launching Eating Disorders Awareness Week on February 23. (ANI)


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