The Marilyn Monroe clothing line has finally been unveiled as Norma Jeane. The items range from t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and hoodies. I personally feel let down when viewing their Winter/Spring Collection (which is more Spring than Winter). There didn’t seem to be much thought put into the process of creating these items. Each top has either a faded image of Marilyn’s face or her lips and eyes. I’d like to point out that they even spell her name as “Norma Jean”, forgetting the “e” at the end of Jean on the items.

Well, at least they spelled the brand name properly on the website logo. Even the website url is spelled wrong. I’d also like to note that I personally do not think these items are worth what they are selling for. I would spend $20 on a t-shirt but not $70.



  1. Rosie Says:

    i got my hands on one of the norma jeane tops in the uk. they come with a cute tag with her photo & a bio about her life. very cute this was after just posting a blog listing her as my inspiration lol!

    i will send you a scan of the tag & photo of the top in question if you would like?


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